Unfinished Furniture of Wilmington offer the lowest price possible on any item in our inventory. Many furniture stores inflate their prices to cover costs of shipping, and then advertise that item as 'Free Shipping'. We do realize that not all stores do this, but as we have found, the majority do. We also simply cannot afford to pay to ship items for you, and would rather use that money to improve our on-line site, invest it in more inventory and in our store location in Wilmington NC. Please note than any shipping we do charge, is charged out at cost. We make no profit on shipping!
Real Wood Furniture means high-quality furniture that is made of real wood. There is never any particle board or MDF. All of our manufactures use solid wood face frames, drawers and posts. Some use solid wood tops and concealed adjustable hinges on the doors.
Real wood furniture is durable and will often outlast synthetic materials. Small nicks and scratches can be easily touched up. As well many of our manufactures offer some sort of customization. For a small fee many items can be modified to suit the customer's requirements. Last you can always change the color of the furniture later on down the road. Whether it is to refresh the piece after the kids have grown or to repurpose an item to fit in another space real wood can be worked on time and time again.
We deal with many manufacturers that make furniture in selected softwoods as well as hardwoods. Some species are: eastern white pine, radiate pine, paulownia, oak, maple, cherry, birch, and parawood. All of them have their own unique grain and staining characteristics.
Because we sell so many items from our many vendors it is near impossible to print a catalog of all of what we can sell. You can however browse our online shopping cart to look for all sorts of different items. If there is any need for more information please e-mail us at anytime, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Not all of our items come assembled from the manufacture. We will note an unassembled item by placing an RTA symbol in the description section. RTA is short for Ready To Assemble which means the item arrives to you unassembled in a box. Unassembled items will have all the hardware necessary to put it together with the exception of wood glue.
We try to keep many items in stock for immediate processing and delivery. We cannot keep everything that we list in our site in stock at all times. Also, some items are designed and encouraged to be on a special order basis. This time line does vary from manufacture to manufacture, but the whole process should only be at most, three weeks or less depending on where they are in the product cycle. For this reason we do not process any credit card on an item that is not in stock until we contact you the consumer to make sure you are aware and approve of the time period on your specific order.