749 Pine 4 Hole Cube
749 Pine 4 Hole Cube Fighting Creek Cubes 746-750_1_orig

Fighting Creek Four Hole Cube

SKU: 749



Model number 749 Solid Pine Four Hole Cube.  These cubes are great for storage.  We have had many customers use these for large picture books in a kids room.  They also hold loose leaf binders quite well.  We have many of our customers use these for holding LP records.  We also have had customers place this in a closet for storage for shoes and purses.. The cube is built by the Amish and is fully assembled.  The backs of the unit are a stain grade birch plywood that is much better at taking stain then the backs that you see on so many of the other units out there The 4 hole cube measures 14 inches wide x 54-1/4 inches tall x 11-1/4 inches deep.  You can choose to use this cube in a vertical or horizontal position.


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