4872DU_0 Color Options (BH) Glazed Paints (BH) EDITED FOR CAM 68

Pine Bookcase 48″ x 72″ w/ Door Kit

SKU: 4872D


The versatile design of this bookcase makes it a perfect addition to any room.  This unit is made of high quality, knot-free radiata pine, ensuring its longevity of appearance and use.  The shelves are yours to personalize – put your books on one level and your family photos on another, or decorate it however you like.  The possibilities are endless!  The arched top and solid wood sides provide extra stability, while maintaining a sleek, classic design.  A door kit is included with this unit to provide concealed storage.  It is simply a must-have piece.  It ships fully assembled and is available unfinished or finished in your choice of stain or glazed paint.



  • 72″ height
  • 48″ width
  • 12″ depth


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